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The new San Antonio Wholesale Produce Market is this city’s most important unified wholesale center for growers, distributors and processors of fresh produce and other food related goods


Lease one or more of our existing turn-key warehouses with cold or freezer room, working space, office and bathroom, covered dock and dock-high doors.


Lease build-to-suit cold and freezer warehouse space for storage and process of fresh goods, inside this condominium with all its amenities.


Our location on I-410 in south San Antonio allows for easy access to the main highways that connect Mexico to cities like Austin, Houston and Dallas.


Here we make available contact information of some of the many companies currently present in the new San Antonio Wholesale Produce Market.


With over 30 years of experience in the construction and operation of produce markets and warehouses in México and Texas.

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9342 S East Loop 410 Bldg 10
San Antonio, TX 78223
Leasing 210.404.7172 / Office 210.314.2823
Mexico 01.800.841.4510